Google help build trails!

03 June 2010

On Wed 2nd June, 20 employees from Google came out to volunteer and help the Dublin Mountains Partnership.  Their project was to improve a section of the Dublin Mountains Way in Carrickgollogan Wood.  The DMP recreation manager, Coillte Recreation team and one of the DMP volunteer rangers were the group leaders. 


The group was divided into 5 teams of four, each of whom learnt how to construct water bars and wooden steps along the trail.  The prickly gorse and broom were also cut back off the trail resulting in a much improved trail.  It was a great day out in the glorious sunshine in the beautiful Dublin Mountains for those usually confined to the office.  Google also sponsored some new tools for the volunteer programs of the DMP. 


If any other companies are intersted in a team building day and helping improve the recreation facilities in the Dublin Mountains please contact the DMP manger.

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