Dublin Mountains Partnership Initiatives

Mountain Access Routes
Many areas within the Dublin Mountains Partnership area provide a valuable link for accessing upland areas open for public access (by agreement). These mountain access routes are marked on the ground at the beginning and end of the route with a distinct Mountain Access Route (MAR) logo and are way marked in between. Some routes are existing trails or long distance routes, some are simple ride lines that allow access.

These routes are permissive access routes only and maybe be closed from time to time for operational, safety, conservation or other reasons.  Please respect all landowners and any notices posted on these routes.

There are seven MAR marked on the maps of Coillte properties in the DMP area - including Tibradden, Kilmashogue, Ticknock, Carrickgollogan and Cruagh.  Check out http://www.coillte.ie/our-forests/recreation-map/ for more details on MARs.

Trail development
A key part of the DMP

Within the DMP area, a signage programme is underway.  The purpose of this programme is to develop an identity for the DMP area.  The signage will also indicate what activities are on offer within each area.  Threshold signs welcome you to the area and Trailhead signs describe trails and activities available with a map and details on the difficulty of each trail.  Waymarkers are displayed where necessary along the routes.

From early 2009, a new dedicated Dublin Mountains Partnership map will be available to buy.  The new map, produced by EastWest Mapping, shows all public lands in the DMP area that are accessible for recreation.

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