July Events

Sunday 7th: DLR Summer Programme Hike at Barnaslingan & Carrickgollogan

The walk on July 7th is booked out, other walk dates are 27th July and August 11th and 25th.




Friday 12th: Astronomy Walk & Talk at Ticknock

Booking is via Eventbrite see link.

Join us for a moderate night hike from Tibradden Forest, led by DMP Volunteer Rangers. The hike will be followed by a talk at Fairy Castle on the James Webb Space Telescope by Fergal Mullally, who formerly worked on the NASA Kepler Project. Don’t miss out!

**Please be aware that a photographer/videographer may be capturing moments during this event. If you prefer not to be photographed or filmed, kindly inform us in advance**

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the largest telescope ever launched into space. It was launched by NASA on 25 December 2021 on an Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana and reached its destination 30 days later. It commenced sending back data to earth in July 2022. It orbits the sun, not the earth, about 1.5 million km away from us. Its large size and unique design allows it to peer back in time to the formation of the first galaxies, and provides new ways to detect and study planets around other stars.

We will look at the unique design of the telescope, the challenges of launching such a large instrument into space, and highlight some of the latest discoveries.

About the speaker:

Fergal Mullally comes from Knocklyon in Dublin and, after graduating from UCD, he attended the University of Texas at Austin where he was awarded Masters and Doctorate degrees. His theses for those were ‘The Search for Planets around White Dwarf Stars’ and ‘Substellar Companions to White Dwarves’, respectively.

Fergal worked with NASA on the Kepler Space Mission - NASA’s ground-breaking first planet-hunting mission. It was assigned to search a portion of our Milky Way galaxy for earth-sized planets orbiting stars in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ outside our solar system. Many of these could be promising places for life. The mission proved that our night sky is filled with more planets even than stars – knowledge that revolutionises our understanding of our place in the cosmos. Fergal was the lead author on Kepler’s Catalogue of Planets and was awarded the NASA medal for outstanding scientific achievement.

Using the JWST, Fergal and his wife Susan received funding from NASA to carry out further research on planets orbiting white dwarf stars and, earlier this year, reported the discovery of two directly imaged giant planet candidates. This helps our understanding of what will happen to the planets in our solar system, including earth, when the sun runs out of fuel.

The route will begin from Tibradden Forest car park, along the Dublin Mountain Way (DMW), continue onto the Wicklow Way, then turn to Ticknock and up to the Ranger Hut. We will return via Fairy Castle on the DMW directly to Tibradden Forest.


Date: Friday, 12th of July, 21:00 departure

Meeting point: Tibradden Forest carpark at 20:45

Distance: 12km with a 420m climb

Duration: 4.5 hours, approximately.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate to strenuous.

Bring: Head torch, walking boots, rain gear, warm layers, water, food and snacks.

Public Transport: check TFI’s Journey Planner for options, note there is no direct public transport

No Dogs allowed on this hike.



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