Watchable Wildlife

Badger / Broc / Meles meles


Did you know?

  • Member of the weasel family, Mustelidae like the stoat, mink and otter.
  • Badgers live in an underground tunnel system called a sett, which they dig out with their powerful claws.
  • One sett is home to a family of typically 5 or 6 badgers, sometimes up to 15.
  • Setts have 3-10 entrances so they can leave and enter without being seen.
  • Each sett will defend a territory covering 60-200 hectares.
  • Badgers are omnivores and eat whatever is available.  The main diet consists of earthworms, slugs and beetles but they also eat small animals (frogs, mice, hedgehogs), fruit and berries.
  • Hearing and scent are more important than sight to a badger.
  • Badgers live for over 10-12 years.
  • Badgers are protected under the Wildlife Act.


What to watch for:


  • Short, fat bodies growing to about 90cm in length, with short legs (built for digging).
  • Males (boars) weigh up to 17kg, females (sows) up to 12kg.


  • Easily recognisable

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