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Jay / Scréachóg / Garrulus glandarius hibernicus

Did you know?

  • Most colourful member of the crow family.
  • Shy woodland bird.
  • Mainly eat acorns, nuts, seeds and insects, but also eats nestlings of other birds and small mammals.
  • The male and female usually pair for life.
  • Untidy nest of twigs is built by both birds in a tree or shrub.

What to watch for:


  • About 35 cm in length, similar to a jackdaw. Wingspan 52-58cm.


  • Pinkish brown colour, with the underparts being slightly paler.
  • Black moustache and distinctive white rump. Black tail and black bill.
  • The wings are mostly black with white and striking blue patches.


Where to watch:

  • Deciduous and conifer woodlands and mature gardens.


When to watch:

  • All year round, but more obvious when they travel in search of acorns or beech mast to bury.


Listen for:

  • Screaming call, usually given when a bird is on the move, so watch for a bird flying between the trees.
  • Well known for its mimicry of other birds.

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