Leave No Trace

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

NOTE: camping is not permitted on Coillte lands in the Dublin Mountains.


  • Durable ground includes established tracks and campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses or snow.
  • If mountain biking learn the rules of the trail and stay on designated routes.
  • In popular areas: Concentrate use on existing tracks and designated campsites only.
  • In popular areas: To avoid further erosion, travel in single file in the middle of the track even when wet or muddy. Wear Gaiters or Wellington boots and walk through the wet area.
  • In more remote areas: Disperse use to prevent the creation of new tracks and campsites.
  • In more remote areas: Avoid places where impacts are just beginning to show.
  • If camping: Protect water quality by camping at least 30m from lakes and streams.
  • If camping: Keep campsites small and discreet.
  • If camping: Aim to leave your campsite as you found it, or better.



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