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We are excited to announce that the Dublin Mountains Partnership is hosting a Volunteer Recruitment Open Day at the beautiful Ticknock Forest on the 13th of July. The open day will run from 10:00 – 16:00 at the DMP Ranger Hut at Ticknock, location details below. This event marks the beginning of our 4-week open call for new volunteers who are passionate about the outdoors and eager to make a difference.


Volunteering is integral to the DMP’s mission of improving the recreational experience in the Dublin Mountains, protecting the environment, and raising awareness of the benefits these mountains provide as set out in our Strategic Plan 2022-2026. Volunteers play a crucial role in achieving our goals. They are the friendly faces that visitors meet on the trails, the knowledgeable guides who lead our walks, and the hardworking individuals who maintain our trails and contribute to conservation. They help to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Dublin Mountains responsibly and safely.  


The Open Day marks the beginning of our 4-week open call for new volunteers who are passionate about the Dublin Mountains and eager to make a difference! This is the perfect opportunity to meet our dedicated Volunteer Rangers. We'll also be joined by Mountain Meitheal Dublin Wicklow and the National Parks and Wildlife Service who we will be working closely with on trail repair and conservation work.

We’ll be running various activities on the day to give you first-hand experience of what volunteering with DMP is like. Full details here – please take note of where we will be located on Saturday. 

If you can’t make it to the open day but are interested in becoming a volunteer, then fill in our expression of interest form:


Prospective volunteers are invited to volunteer in one or more of the roles outlined below:  

  1. Meet, Greet & Information 
  2. Guiding 
  3. Trail Repair
  4. Conservation 
  5. Citizen Science 

So, come along to our open day and see what it’s all about! If you can’t make it to Ticknock for the open day but would like to register your interest in becoming a volunteer with the DMP, please fill in our expression of interest form.   


Directions to the Open Day Location: from the upper Ticknock car park, follow the Fairy Castle Walking Loop, (green way markers) up the tarred road towards the masts, for about 1km (approximately 20 minutes) until you reach a crossroads. Take a right turn towards the hill’s summit (towards Fairy Castle). The hut is a green metal container located on the left, adjacent to a concrete building beneath a tall metal mast. There will be a large tent erected here also. 



DMP Volunteer Ranger Programme

The DMP established a Volunteer Ranger Programme in 2009. The objectives of the Volunteer Ranger programme is to have a team of volunteers who are interested in supporting the work of the DMP and helping in the management of outdoor recreation.

The Volunteer Ranger Programme aims to:


  • Assist the public in appreciating the Dublin Mountains through education and communication

  • Increase community involvement in, and awareness of, the management of the forest and mountain lands

  • Develop volunteers' personal understanding, knowledge and sense of belonging to the Dublin Mountains

  • Promotion of the Leave No Trace principles

  • Assist in practical conservation tasks

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