Dublin Mountains Way

Dublin Mountains Way

Notice of minor detour at start/end of the DMW in Sean Walsh Park, Tallaght

There is a minor detour at the start/end of the Dublin Mountains Way in Sean Walsh Park to facilitate the completion of the building of age friendly housing.

Access to the Dublin Mountains Way is via a pedestrian gate on Whitestown Way leading into Sean Walsh Park, follow 'pedestrian access' signs. 


[posted 19.01.23]

Notice of Harvesting in Cruagh Wood October 2023

Starting in October 2023 there will be Dublin Mountains Makeover harvesting activity in Cruagh Wood at two locations adjoining the Dublin Mountains Way. Please abide by safety signage.

[posted 04.10.23]




Dublin Mountains Way

One of the flagship projects of the Dublin Mountains Partnership is the Dublin Mountains Way (DMW) a 42.6 km national way marked trail which crosses the Dublin mountains from Shankill in the east to Tallaght in the west. The establishment of the DMW had been an objective of the local authorities for close to twenty years and with the formation of the Dublin Mountains Partnership this ambition was realised.  This project has been achieved through the cooperation of Coillte, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, South Dublin County Council, Dublin City Council and a number of private landowners.  The Dublin Mountains Way was officially opened on the 31st of October 2010.   

To take a preview of the route watch the Tracks & Trails series - Dublin Mountains Way episode with Ken Doherty and Fair City actress Ciara O'Callaghan. Click here

DMW Trailhead sign in Sean Walsh Park


The entire route from Shankill to Tallaght is fully waymarked.  This route is a national waymarked route, the way-markers are the standard yellow walking man symbol.  On the western slopes of Two Rock Mountain the Dublin Mountains Way overlaps with the Wicklow Way, another national way marked route, for 1km. Through this section and the junctions leading to and away from this section way-marking plaques also have the text, 'Dublin Mountains Way' or 'Wicklow Way' as appropriate.

Reporting Issues on the DMW

To report any issues along the trail or to request additional information please contact: info@dublinmountains.ie

DMW Trailhead sign in Shankill

Maps & Brochure of the Dublin Mountains Way

There are a number of paper and on-line sources that show the route of the Dublin Mountains Way. Via the DMP website you can download the DMW brochure, for a paper copy please email your postal address to info@dublinmountains.ie, more detailed section maps are available via this link.

The Dublin Mountains Partnership collaborated with East West mapping to produce a Dublin Mountains public lands access map which details all public access lands, the Dublin Mountains Way, the Wicklow Way, car parks, access points and outdoor recreational facilities, this map is currently out of print (22.11.19). A digital version of this map showing the most up to date route of the Dublin Mountains Way is available to purchase via the East West Mapping App

External Map Sources

Sport Ireland Outdoors: Dublin Mountains Way

Hiiker website and App: Dublin Mountains Way

East West Mapping: paper maps Dublin & North Wicklow Mountains (scale 1:30,000), digital map via app North Wicklow.

OSI: Discovery Series 50 (scale 1:50,000), Adventure Series: Wicklow North (scale 1:25,000)A digital copy of the Dublin Mountains Way brochure which gives a guided description of the DMW in the Tallaght to Shankill direction along with a map is available here, for a paper copy please email your postal address to info@dublinmountains.ie

Map 1 : Shankill - Threerock Map 1: Shankill - Threerock Map 3: Hellfire - Tallaght Map 2: Threerock - Hellfire Map 3: Hellfire - Tallaght

Click on the numbers on the map to view the individual maps for the Dublin Mountain Way or select for the list below.

Shankill to Threerock Map [PDF]
Threerock to Hellfire Map [PDF]
Hellfire Map to Tallaght [PDF]

To read the PDF files you need Adobe Reader installed.  Adobe Reader is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it below.

Download Adobe Reader

Shankill to Threerock Map [PDF]

MAP 1 Shankill - Barnaslingan

Travelling in a westerly direction, the trail starts on the main street in Shankill at a metal trailhead sign beside Brady's pub . The route brings the walker through a residential part of Shankill on a series of laneways before crossing the M11 motorway on a pedestrian bridge. The DMW route then travels on narrow County roads for 0.7km, it is advisable to wear high visibility vests for these road sections. What follows is a beautiful tree lined laneway which passes the beautiful Fassaroe Cross and leads into Rathmichael Wood named for the hill fort that dominates the summit. From Rathmichael Wood the route is along Pucks Castle Lane and onwards and upwards to Carrickgollogan Wood a mixed coniferous woodland with stunning views of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow Mountains, it is also known as the Lead Mines. From Carrickgollogan there is a short section of narrow County Road, Murphy's Lane, before entering Barnaslingan Wood also known as the Scalp Wood.



View from Carrickgollogan
View from The Scalp


MAP 1 Barnaslingan - Fairy Castle/Three Rock

Leaving Barnaslingan Wood the route heads along the Enniskerry Road to the former Kilternan Sports Hotel where it turns west and travels through the grounds of the Hotel, past the Ski Slope, before emerging onto Killegar Lane, this is a new section as of April 2018.   From here the DMW heads north to join Ballybetagh road and onwards to Glencullen village, please take care on this narrow section of County road.  There is an option of a pit stop at the famous Johnnie Foxes pub in the village. From Glencullen Village the route travels a short distance on the Ballybrack Road before turning into the grounds of the GAP (Glencullen Adventure Park) where there is an option for another pit-stop at the GAP Kitchen (open Wednesday to Sunday). The DMW travels through this private land and private woodland before emerging into Coillte's Ballyedmonduff Forest.  The DMW follows a forest road from Ballyedmonduff into Tiknock forest before climbing up to Fairy Castle, the highest point on the Dublin Mountains Way at 537m. 



Cairn at Fairy Castle
Threerock to Hellfire Map [PDF]


Fairy Castle /Three Rock - Cruagh

Heading down from Fairy Castle the DMW joins the Wicklow Way for a 1km  section. Be very mindful of junctions in this section as both routes are way-marked with a yellow hiker but do also have the route names in text on the way-marker plaque, i.e. Wicklow Way or Dublin Mountains Way.  At a junction beside a Trail Head map board the DMW heads northwest towards Tibradden Mountain while the Wicklow Way travels south onto the Glencullen to Tibradden County road.  The DMW travels across the open mountain passing Tibradden Cairn on the summit of Tibradden Mountain.  This section of the trail was constructed in the autumn of 2008 with financial support from Comhairle na Tuaithe.  It is over 2.5 km in length and offers walkers excellent walking on a robust trail constructed to best international practice (modified for Irish conditions) and has already become hugely popular with walkers. The DMW then travels downhill into Tibradden Wood also known as the Pine Forest and home to ZIPIT an exciting zip-line experience. The DMW crosses the Tibradden to Glencullen road into Cruagh Wood, be careful at this junction. The route through Cruagh  is a lovely upwards pull for approximately 2km before levelling out and descending out onto the Cruagh Road.  

Tibradden Mtn trail
Cruagh Massy's link


MAP 2 Massy's Estate and Hellfire Club Optional Route

There is an option on exiting Cruagh Wood to cross the County Road into Massy's Estate and onwards to Hell Fire Club Forest, note this would be an 8-10km detour.

The Hell Fire Club

MAP 2 Cruagh - Glenasmole

Leaving Cruagh wood the DMW heads up to the wonderful viewpoint at Killakee and along the Military Road before turning into Featherbed forest, be careful on this section of County road.  There is a short walk through Featherbed forest along a purpose built trail. At the exit of Featherbed forest there are fantastic views towards the Wicklow Uplands and the summits of Kippure and Corrig Mountains.  From Featherbed forest to the entrance to Glenasmole Reservoir it is a 6km journey on County roads. It is advisable to wear a high visibility vest for all County road sections. Along this route there are lovely views of the Glenasmole Valley home to the legend of Tír na nÓg. Look out for the dancing stone near Castlekelly Bridge. 

Hellfire Map to Tallaght [PDF]



MAP 3 Glenasmole - Tallaght

The DMW enters Dublin City Council's Glenasmole site, also known as Bohernabreena, for a beautiful 4km journey alongside the reservoirs which still supply drinking water to Dublin.  From the exit of Bohernabreena the DMW crosses into South Dublin County Council's Kiltipper Park, if you look back along this short  route through the Park there are stunning views of the Dublin Mountains.  From Kiltipper Park there is a short section through residential areas before the DMW enters Sean Walsh Park, from here it is just over 1km to the end of the DMW marked by a trailhead map.

Glenasmole reservoir

Dublin Mountains Way Completion Badge

A Dublin Mountains Way badge is awarded to people who complete the DMW, to receive a badge please send an email with your postal address to info@dublinmountains.ie


DMW Completion Badge

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