Bus Connects - public transport access to the Dublin Mountains

The Bus Connections consultation is an opportunity to look for an improved bus service to the Dublin Mountains. If you would like to get to Ticknock, Tibradden, Hell Fire Club, Massy's Estate, Cruagh, Kilmashogue, Slievethoul or Lugg via public transport let Bus Connects know. If you would use a weekend bus service to Glencullen tell Bus Connects. If you run a business in the Dublin Mountains which would benefit from a bus service let Bus Connects know. If you would like the... choice of accessing the wonderful Dublin Mountains without a car tell Bus Connects. Deadline for submissions is next Tuesday December 10th.

Storm Atiyah and Coillte Lands

Coillte urges all users of forest lands including its staff, contractors and members of the public, to exercise extreme caution if entering forest lands this weekend as storm Atiyah is predicted to approach.

 [photo credit]

[Posted 07.12.19

Ticknock Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance works

Over the next few weeks Joe and Pa from Coillte will be working on manual water control on the mountain bike trails. The mountain bike trails will remain open but please watch out for their warning signs and be prepared to stop and dismount.

[posted 26.11.19]

Mountain Meitheal Dublin Wicklow

Thanks so much to all of the volunteers from Mountain Meitheal Dublin Wicklow for their great work on the new trail in Tibradden! Enjoy your well earned break, see you in Spring 2020. Note the trail is still a work in progress.

For information on Mountain Meitheal Dublin Wicklow check out their website and Facebook page.

[posted 22.11.19]

Ticknock Mountain Bike Track

Ticknock Mountain Bike Trail sections 'Blazin Saddles' and 'Afterburner' will remain closed until 13:00 on Friday 22nd November to complete maintenance works, it will be worth the wait.

[posted 22.11.19]

Ticknock Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance - 19th to 21st November

Blazin Saddles and Afterburner Mountain Bike Trail Sections will be closed from 19th to 21st November for essential maintenance works.

Please abide by safety signage.

[posted 18.11.19]

Barnaslingan Maintenance Works on 14 & 15 November 2019

Maintenance works will be taking place in Barnaslingan's car-park, Pine Loop Trail and Wheelo on 14 & 15 November. Please abide by safety signage.

[posted 13.11.19]

Car-Park Opening Times

Car-park opening and closing times are now on the winter time schedule of 08:00 to 17:00 for Hellfire Club, Cruagh, Tibradden and Barnaslingan.

[posted 8th November 2019]

Coillte Nature and the Dublin Mountains Conversion Project

Society of Irish Foresters  - Cumann Foraoiseóirí na hÉireann

Annual Seán Mac Bride Forestry Lecture: 

‘Coillte Nature and the Dublin Mountains Conversion’ 

by Dr. Ciarán Fallon, Director, Coillte Nature

Venue: Theatre G-24, Agriculture Building, UCD 

Date & Time: Thursday, 3 October 2019 at 6.00pm 

Admission is free  - All are welcome 

Please see the notice for further details.



Ticknock Car-Park

Maintenance works will take place between Thursday 5th and Friday 13th of September in Ticknock car-park.

Please abide by safety signage.

[posted 05.09.19]

Tibradden Cairn Protection Measures

Over time human footfall around the National Monument at Tibradden has caused widening, eroded trails to develop at approaches to the prehistoric cairn. To protect the monument, and allow frauchen and heather plants to recolonise the eroded paths, fencing has been erected with text directing people to stay on the boardwalk to access the cairn. Interpretive signage about Tibradden cairn and the protection measures have been erected at approaches to the monument, see links to signage below:

Tibradden Cairn Interpretative Sign

Tibradden Cairn Protection Measures Sign

[posted 30.08.19]

Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire, Sunday 25th August

Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire is taking place on Sunday 25th August. If you are planning a trip to the Dublin Mountains on Sunday please take note of the road closures on the map linked here.

Cruagh and Tibradden forests will not be accessible on Sunday morning and early afternoon.

For more information check the DLR County Council website.

Best of luck to all of the competitors!

[posted 22.08.19]

Carrickgollogan Car-Park

Carrickgollogan Car-Park will be closed for works from 21st August for one week.

Alternative parking is available in Barnaslingan car-park 350m away.

[posted on 21st August 2019]

Notice of Trail Upgrade works in Carrickgollogan 18 to 23 August

Notice of trail upgrade works on the Dublin Mountains Way in Carrickgollogan.

From Monday 18th until Friday 23rd August there will be temporary detours of the Dublin Mountains Way and rolling closures of other routes for essential trail upgrade works. Please abide by safety notices.

[posted 18.08.19]

Carrickcgollogan car-park maintenance works

Carrickgollogan car-park will be closed for maintenance works between Wednesday 13th and Friday 16th August. Alternative parking is available at Barnaslingan car-park, 350m away.

[posted 13.08.19]

Advance Notice of Works and Filming on the Dublin Mountains Way (DMW) from Monday July 29th

Tibradden - replacement of boardwalk beside cairn: from 29th July for at least two weeks works will be taking place on the boardwalk beside the cairn at Tibradden. The DMW will remain open, please abide by safety signage, delays can be expected.
Bohernabreena - filming along eastern side of upper reservoir from 29th July until 2nd August, some temporary delays can be expected.

[published on 26.07.19]

Dublin Mountains Partnership Annual Review 2018

The Annual Review of the Dublin Mountains Partnership for 2018 is available to download via this link.


[posted on 19.07.19]

Dublin Mountains Forests Conversion Plan Consultation

Coillte announced today that Coillte Nature has opened consultation on the Dublin Mountains Forests Conversion Plan and Seeks Views, see link for further details.

[posted on 08.07.19]

Coillte Nature

Coillte announced yesterday the establishment of a non-profit entity, Coillte Nature, with specific focus on the environment and non-commercial forests. The Dublin mountains conversion project, within Coillte Nature, will be an excellent example of the kind of collaboration and innovation which Coillte can deliver for the benefit of the environment and our citizens.

[posted 21.06.19]

Permanent Orienteering Courses

Please bear with us as we work to upgrade the permanent orienteering courses in Ticknock, Massy's Estate, Carrickgollogan and Barnaslingan.

New courses have been set in Ticknock, an on-line map will be available later this week. Work installing new posts and a new course is taking place in Massy's Estate today and tomorrow.

The Orienteering Clubs linked to the forests have received new up to date orienteering maps.

Thanks to Coillte for the funding.

[posted on 22.05.19]

High Forest Fire Risk period in effect until Friday 17th May…/2019/05/forest-fire.pdf

Glencullen Thinning Operation

Harvesting works are taking place in Glencullen Forest from the 1/4/2019 till the 20/05/2019. This is a forest thinning where 20-30% of trees will be removed to help improve the quality of remaining trees. Thinning is an important part of forest management, its purpose to improve the quality of the remaining tress by freeing up resources: light, space, nutrients and water.

The Wicklow Way will remain open during operations.

Please exercise extreme care, adhere to signage and keep back from all machinery and timber lorries while on walking routes and forest roads.
Coillte Thank you for your co-operation.

[posted 04.04.19]

National Tree Week Event 2019 Barnaslingan

Sean Quealy from Coillte led a really interesting walk around Barnaslingan Forest's 'Scalp Lookout Trail' yesterday for National Tree Week. It was a beautifully slow paced walk that encouraged everyone to observe the diversity within the forest, including flowering hardwoods and conifers, woodland flowers; Wood Sorrell and Wood Anenomes. We saw evidence of squirrel, holes in trees possibly made by Woodpeckers, we also heard, then saw circling buzzards. Thank you Sean! 

[posted on 04.04.19]

Ticknock - Thinning Operation starting on Thursday 28th March

Harvesting works will take start in Ticknock on 28.03.19 rather than 01.04.19 as originally notified. The harvesting operation will take place on weekdays only between 28.03.19 and 18.04.19. This is a forest thinning where 20-30% of trees will be removed to help improve the quality of remaining trees.


During the harvesting operation there will be temporary closures of the section of Ticknock Mountain Bike high-lighted in pink on the map below.


Timber haulage will commence on 29.04.19 after the Easter holidays for 3 weeks along forest roads, in through Ticknock and out through Kilmashogue. The haulage route includes sections of the Wicklow Way, the Fairy Castle Loop and the Mountain Access Loop.


Please exercise extreme care, obey signage and keep back from machines and timber lorries while on walking and cycling routes and forest roads. Coillte thank you for your co-operation.

For further information please contact


Link to MTB Trail Map showing section high-lighting the MTB trail section where there will be temporary closures in pink

Link to Thinning Location Map



Bohernabreena Reservoir (Glenasmole) closed on Saturday 23rd March until 14:00.

Advance Warning of closure of Bohernabreena Reservoir (Glenasmole) on Saturday 23rd March until 14:00.
To facilitate Gaelforce Dublin Bohernabreena Reservoir (Glenasmole) will be closed until 14:00 on 23.03.19.
Please take this into account when planning your Saturday walks and hikes in particular anyone planning to do the Dublin Mountains Way.
Best of luck to all of the competitors.…/dmwmap3_tallaght_hellfirec……/…/dmw_glenasmole_100112.pdf

Tibradden Woods (Pine Forest) - Thinning Operation

Harvesting works are taking place in Tibradden Woods from the 6/3/2019 till the 03/05/2019. This is a forest thinning where 20-30% of trees will be removed to help improve the quality of remaining trees.

ZIPIT, the Dublin Mountains Way and the Tibradden Mountain Trail will remain open during operations.

Please adhere to safety signage. 

Coillte thank you for your co-operation.

pdf of thinning map

[posted 06.03.2019]

The International Mountain Biking Proposition

The International Mountain Biking Proposition for Rural Ireland was announced yesterday, as one of the successful bids under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund by Michael Ring, T.D., Minister for Rural and Community Development and Minister Heather Humphreys, T.D., Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation at an event in Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan.

The €13.6 million funding package proposes the delivery of an international mountain biking (MTB) proposition comprising of four national trail centres across seven counties and over 300kms of trails at these centres. The centres will be located in Ballyhoura (Limerick/Cork), Coolaney (Sligo), Slieve Blooms (Offaly/ Laois) and Ticknock & Ballinastoe (Dublin/Wicklow).

See Coillte's

Press Release

[posted on 15.02.19]

"Both Ends of the Lead" Survey

If you are a dog walker, Lesley Townsend from Dublin who is completing a masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh would like your help through the filling out of a short survey on your dog walking practices. 

The results of the research will be shared once published. The study has received ethical approval from the University of Edinburgh Human Ethical Review committee.

[posted on 15.02.19]

County Wicklow Recreation Strategy 2019 to 2024 Consultation Meetings

If you cycle, walk, swim, run, canoe, hunt, fish or take part in other outdoor recreation activities or provide services for those that do in County Wicklow you might be interested in attending a County Wicklow Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2019 to 2024 Consultation Meeting.

[posted on 15.02.19]

Dogs and Livestock

Dog owners and dog walkers are reminded that they must keep their dogs under effective control at all times.  Nationally and internationally there have been many reports of attacks on sheep and other livestock by dogs and warnings to dog owners on their dog control responsibilities, see links below.  The chasing and attack of sheep by dogs can cause serious harm; sheep may be killed, sheep may suffer serious tear and bite blood injuries resulting in them having to be put down, sheep may be driven into drainage ditches and drown, ewes may abort lambs, livestock may become permanently traumatised.  This is a serious animal welfare issue which also negatively impacts on farmers livelihoods and their peace of mind.

Keep your dog on a lead if it does not obey your commands.

Keep your dog on a lead if you don’t know what it will do if it sees livestock.

Keep your dog on a lead when walking beside farmland in the Dublin & Wicklow Mountains.

Keep your dog on a lead when walking on the open hill in the Dublin & Wicklow Mountains.

Please always keep your dogs under effective control and abide by ‘Dogs on Leads’ signage.

Leave no Trace Ireland have produced an excellent leaflet:

How to Enjoy the Outdoors Responsibly with your Dog’.

Morning Ireland, February 5th, 2019:

Call for More Awareness Over Dog Attacks on Sheep

Ear to the Ground, February 5th, 2019:

It's lambing season and dog attacks are all too common. The IFA is calling for this ad to be aired again.

Agriland, February 5th, 2019:

 Graphic images: Sheep killed and injured in recurring dog attacks

Irish Farmers Association, January 28th, 2019:


ISPCA, January 22nd, 2019:

ISPCA Warn dog owners to keep their pets under effective control around sheep and other livestock

BBC News January 8th, 2019:

Dog owners warned 'no excuse' for sheep worrying


[posted on 07.02.19]

Coillte Thinning Operations 2019

Coillte have a number of thinning operations planned in their Dublin forests during 2019, see Link to a pdf of the map showing the forest locations involved.  Thinning is an important part of forest management, its purpose is to improve the quality of the remaining trees by freeing up resources; light, space, food, and water. Thinning involves the removal of selected trees, between 20-30% of the trees. Thinning operations are planned every 4-7 years from the time the trees reach their age of 1st thinning which is dependent on the tree species and how fast the trees are growing.  In a thinning operation the trees are cut (processed) and moved (forwarded) using processor and forwarder harvesting machinery. Advance notice will be given of the start dates of each of the thinning operations, for safety reasons there may be some temporary closures or diversions of recreation trails.  For further information contact or watch out for future updates on this page and the Facebook page.

[posted on 04.02.19]

Please clean up after your dog

Please clean up after your dog and take your filled dog poo bags home with you for safe disposal!


Leave No Trace Ireland has produced an excellent leaflet and poster ENJOYING THE OUTDOORS RESPONSIBLY WITH YOUR DOG which is a great resource for dog owners and dog walkers.  


On Saturday January 5th from 11:00 DMP Volunteer Rangers Denis and Michael will be out and about in Cruagh and Tibradden forests with their dogs, do stop them for a chat about dogs, Leave No Trace Principles and the Dublin Mountains.


[posted on 04.01.19]

DMP Strategic Review Consultation Opportunity

Louise Browne Associates has been commissioned by the Dublin Mountains Partnership to review its strategy and develop a new strategic plan for the next five years. The Dublin Mountains Partnership, which was set up in 2008, comprises Coillte, Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, South Dublin County Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Dublin Mountains Initiative - an umbrella group representing the recreation users of the Dublin Mountains - and, more recently, Fáilte Ireland. The aim of the Partnership is to take an integrated and sustainable approach to improving the recreational experience of users of the Dublin Mountains whilst taking the needs of those who work and live in this area of significant scenic and high conservation value into account.

As Louise Browne Associates are very keen to get views on how the Dublin Mountains are used, enjoyed and managed, anyone with an interest in recreation in the Dublin Mountains is invited to attend a workshop which will be facilitated by Louise Browne. The workshop will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 8th January 2019 in the Larch Hill Scout Centre. The workshop has been arranged by Mountaineering Ireland and the Dublin Mountains Initiative.
If you'd like to be involved, please confirm your attendance to or call her on 0044 7411081000.

We look forward to seeing you there.…/new-larch-hill-house-and-confer…/

[posted on 04.01.19]

DMP Volunteer Rangers

Through the course of 2018 the Dublin Mountains Partnership Volunteer Rangers led free guided hikes that included photography walks, family friendly walks, dog friendly walks, the DLR Summer of Heritage Walks in Barnaslingan and Carrickgollogan, short hikes, medium hikes, long hikes and on September 9th the full 42.6km of the Dublin Mountains Way. The DMP Volunteer Rangers also supported the wonderful Rock to the Top hikes and the Woodlands for Health programme walks. Not to forget the Easter Egg Hunt, the litter picks, the map reading, introduction to hill walking and orienteering courses and the Meet and Greet days. All in all the DMP Volunteer Rangers volunteered more than 1,600 hours of their time to the Dublin Mountains, thank you Denis, Gary, Jesús, John, John, Ken, Lori, Michael, Paul, Rich, Sam, Sheenagh, Tom, Tom and Tricia!

[posted on 31.12.18]

Eastern Dublin Mountains Events

Last weekend the DMP hosted two DMP Volunteer Ranger led events in the east of the Dublin Mountains. On Saturday Paul led a group of 15 on a hike from Shankill to the Scalp in Barnaslingan Forest via Carrickgollogan Forest, Paul was supported by Denis who stepped into the breach at the last minute, thanks Denis. On Sunday Denis was back in Carrickgollogan, this time with Tom, sharing his knowledge and love of orienteering and discovering that Carrickgollogan summit is a great place to explain terrain and vegetation map features. Both of these events will be run again in the coming months, details will be posted on

[posted on 04.12.18]

Guided Walk to Glencree old army barracks and the German War Cemetery

On 10th November 2018, the day before the centenary of WW1 Armistice Day, the Dublin Mountains Partnership conducted a guided walk from Tibradden Wood, across Cruagh, Glendoo and Bog Mountains to Glencree.  Among the places visited was the German War Cemetery, where a wreath was laid on behalf of the Partnership for all those who died, military and civilian, in World Wars 1 & 2.  A further wreath was laid by one of the walkers at the grave of a WW1 airman whose body was washed up on a beach in Co Wexford by the grandfather of the walker.  The walk also involved talks about the Cemetery, The Military Road, Glencree and other army barracks build along the road, the Capt Noel Lemass Monument and other items of interest.  Learn more about the walk here.

[posted on 16th November 2018]

Finding Exoplanets on the Dublin Mountains Way - An Emotional End

In July 2018, as part of a Dublin Mountains Partnership night-time Guided Walk, Dr Fergal Mullally, an astrophysicist who had worked on NASA’s Kepler Space Mission, gave a talk and presentation in Ticknock about the Mission and the search for Earth-like planets outside our solar system (exoplanets) which might be capable of supporting life.  A fuller account of this fascinating Mission and the outcome is available here.

[posted on 16th November 2018]

The Health Benefits of Hiking and Walking

This week Mountaineering Ireland and Dun Laoghaire Sports Partnership shared very interesting articles on the health benefits of walking and hiking on their Facebook pages.

Doctors Tell Us How Hiking Can Change Our Brains shared by Mountaineering Ireland.

Walking: Trim your waistline, improve your health shared by Dun Laoghaire Sports Partnership.

Photo taken by DMP Volunteer Ranger John Connell.

[posted on 11th November, 2018]




"Hear us Amongst the Mushrooms" Massy's Estate Saturday 10th at 11:00

Saturday 10 November 2018, 11am – 12pm

Location | Massy’s Estate, Dublin Mountains
Register your attendance by emailing Fiona Dowling at

Visual artist Fiona Dowling and composer George Higgs invite you to the third in the series of performances as part of their public art project Work Songs.

Hear Us Amongst the Fungus is a collaboration with textile artist and forager Freda O’Dea, a specialist in mushroom-based textile dyes.

Join us amongst the fungus for a walk in the woods of Massy’s Estate to hear our mushroom-foraging song. After the walk, Freda will give a mushroom dying demonstration. The audience may participate by bringing from home, a small piece of clothing / fabric / thread, of wool, silk or cotton to dye.

This third work song composed by George Higgs will be sung by Freda O’Dea and fellow artist and designer Sheila Baron. Hear Us Amongst the Fungus was directly inspired by observations and conversations between Fiona Dowling and Freda O’Dea and her wealth of mushroom-related knowledge.

Work Songs is commissioned under IN CONTEXT 4 – IN OUR TIME, South Dublin County Council’s Public Art Programme for 2016-2019 under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

Check for details of future Work Songs as they are announced, or email to receive updates.

[posted on 9th November 2018]



Run the Line 2018

Best of luck to all the competitors in tomorrow's Run the Line event in aid of Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue!

[posted on 9th November, 2018]

Litter Pick in Hell Fire Club on 4th November 2018

Thank you to all the litter pickers who came to Hell Fire Club this morning on the DMP Volunteer Ranger led litter pick with support from Tallaght's Litter Mugs. It was a great turn-out and a huge amount was achieved as can be seen in the photos.
Volunteer Ranger Rich Williams used his Leave No Trace training to test our knowledge of how long it takes different things to decompose, we all had a lot to learn.
A range of rubbish was found including: gas cylinders, disposable bbqs, fireworks, fruit peel, plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, broken bottles, clothes, domestic waste, a broken golf umbrella, cigarette butts, chewing gum, sweet and crisp wrappers.

Mountain Meitheal Work-Day in Ticknock on 4th November 2018

Mountain Meitheal Dublin- Wicklow did great work on the Fairy Caste Walking Trail in Ticknock yesterday. They cleared water bars, barrowed gravel, spread gravel, tampered down gravel and all in all really improved the surface for walkers while having an enjoyable day out on the hills. Thank you to all the Mountain Meitheal Dublin-Wicklow Volunteers!
The last Mountain Meitheal Dublin-Wicklow work day for 2018 will be on Saturday 17th November, for more information on Mountain Meitheal check out the web site or

[posted on 06.11.18]

Lyme Disease Awareness

Lyme disease is a condition spread by ticks. The HSE has provided advice in the links below to increase awareness of Lyme Disease and how to protect yourself when visiting the outdoors.


[posted on 3rd November 2018]

Car-Park Opening Hours

From November 1st until spring 2019 the opening hours of the Coillte car-parks at Hell Fire Club, Cruagh, Tibradden and Barnaslingan will be 08:00 to 17:00.


[posted on 3rd November, 2018]

DMP Volunteers on duty in Ticknock on Saturday 20th

DMP Volunteer Rangers Tom and Michael will be out and about in Ticknock tomorrow do say hello if you meet them.


[posted on 19.10.18]

Update on tree surgery work in Massy's Estate

Work is continuing today Friday 19th October.  There will be ongoing tree surgery work in Massy's Estate through the autumn/winter, advance notice of dates of works will be posted here and on Facebook.

[posted on 19th October 2018]

Tree Surgery Works in Massy's Estate

Advance notice of tree surgery works in Massy's Estate on Wednesday and Thursday October 17th and 18th. Please abide by safety signage.


[posted on 16th October 2018]

DMP Volunteer Rangers Meet & Greet in Hell Fire, 6th October

If you are in Hell Fire Club forest today do stop and say hello to DMP Volunteer Rangers Paul and Sam who are doing a litter pick and checking way-marker signs.

[posted on 6th October 2018]

Ticknock Forest Road-Works on Friday, October 5th

Tomorrow there will be road-works in Ticknock, the upper car-park will be closed for a time from 07:00.

Traffic management will be in place.

Please abide by safety signage.

[posted on 4th October 2018]




Ticknock MTB Trail Section Closure on 3rd October 2018

To facilitate felling of trees undermined by a fire the section of Ticknock MTB Trail shown on the map will be closed on Wednesday October 3rd.  Please abide by safety signage.


[posted on 2nd October 2018]

Cruagh to Massy's Hike

A photo from today's hike from Cruagh to Massy's led by DMP Volunteer Rangers Tom and John ably assisted by Jack, John's Collie. October's schedule of DMP Volunteer Ranger led free guided walks will include another hike on which dogs on leads will be very welcome.

[posted on 30th September 2018]

Rock to the Top Photo Exhibition

Do drop in to Rua Red in Tallaght to check out the Rock to the Top photo exhibition and video. This amazing art piece was devised by Ciarán Taylor and became something truly special by the coming together of people over the course of a year to walk and share in the beauty, history, farming, biodiversity, music, poetry, drama and mythology of the Glenasmole Valley. The exhibition is running until October 20th.

[posted on 30th September 2018]

Reminder: 'Rock to the Top' Photo Exhibition Launch

Saturday 29 September 2018 | 12 noon
Exhibition continues until Saturday 20 October 2018.
Location | Rua Red Arts Centre, Tallaght...
Reception with beer by Priory Brewery, Tallaght.

Between June 2017 and June 2018 over four hundred people helped to carry a granite boulder on foot from Tallaght, to build a cairn at the top of Glenasmole valley 12 kilometres away. The Rock to the Top challenge was a public art project by Ciarán Taylor, inspired by the feat of Oisín back from Tír na nÓg, who threw a boulder up the valley with one hand.
Each monthly walk featured a performance or event linked to the place and the seasons. This exhibition gives a flavour of the journeys over four seasons between the city and mountains. A short video of the project will be premiered at the launch.

Photography by Felipe Jóia.

Rock to the Top is commissioned under IN CONTEXT 4 - IN OUR TIME, South Dublin County Council’s Public Art Programme for 2016-2019 under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.…/rock-to-the-top-photo-exhibitio…

[posted on 27th September]

Unsafe use of “Tom’s Climb” Section of Ticknock Mountain Bike Trail

 Earlier today (Wednesday) upgrade work was carried out on the “Tom’s Climb” section of Ticknock’s Mountain Bike Track (MTB). This work is being carried out to ensure the MTB track is maintained for the safety and pleasure of mountain bike riders. Since the work was carried out today the track has been used by a horseback rider. Please note this track is for mountain bike use ONLY, for the safety of mountain bikers who will be using the track at speed it is extremely unsafe for the track to be used by horse riders. A collision between a mountain biker and horse could potentially result in injuries to all parties. Finally to clarify Coillte does not permit horseback riding at any time in Ticknock forest property. Horse-riding under licence is permitted in designated sections of Ballyedmonduff property.

[posted on 26.09.18]

Ticknock MTB Trail Upgrade works update.

This week Euroservices are working on the 'Tom's Climb' MTB trail section, please abide by safety signage, works will be complete on Friday 28th September.

[Posted on 25th September 2018]

Public Consultation on the Dodder-Greenway Proposal

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council are seeking submissions on the

Dodder Greenway proposal, the closing date for receipt of observations and submissions is Monday October 15th at 12:00.

[posted on 25.09.18]



Reminder of Upgrade works in Ticknock and car-parking restrictions

Reminder: the Ticknock car-park and road upgrade works will be in progress until Friday.
The upper car-park will not be open on Thursday or Friday. The two new link sections of the MTB trail will be closed on Thursday and Friday, please abide by safety signage.
The good news is that the walking trail between the lower and upper car-parks has been upgraded and is looking and feeling great.

[posted on 20th September 2018]

Ticknock Walking Trail Upgrade

The Ticknock walking trail between the upper and lower car-parks is being upgraded this week, please abide by safety signage.

(Posted on 17th September 2018)

Ticknock Car-park Upgrade Works


To facilitate upgrade works in Ticknock between 19 and 21 September 2018 part of the car-park will be closed.

Traffic management will be in place.

Alternative parking is available in Kilmashogue car-park.

(Posted on 12th September 2018.)

Visit by Mourne Heritage Trust to Ticknock

On September 6th a group from the Mourne Heritage Trust, including their CEO and some of their Forest Trail Rangers based in Rostrevor, Co. Down  visited Ticknock. They came to check out the mountain bike trails and to meet Coillte and the DMP to find how the trails are managed. Despite the initial murky weather the group got a real flavour of what Ticknock has to offer. The Mourne Mountains which on a clear day are visible from Ticknock were elusive on the day. Thanks to Ritchie from for acting as the guide for the day. We look forward to a return visit to Co. Down in late September.  @mournelive []

(Posted on 8th September 2018)

Rock to the Top Photo Exhibition

Rock to the Top - Photo exhibition - 29 September to 20 October - Rua Red Arts Centre,Tallaght 


Between June 2017 and June 2018 over four hundred people helped to carry a granite boulder on foot from Tallaght, to build a cairn at the top of Glenasmole valley 12 kilometres away. The Rock to the Top challenge was a public art project by Ciarán Taylor, inspired by the feat of Oisín back from Tír na nÓg, who threw a boulder up the valley with one hand.

Each monthly walk featured a performance or event linked to the place and the seasons. This exhibition gives a flavour of the journeys over four seasons between the city and mountains. A short video of the project will be premiered at the launch.

Photography by Felipe Jóia.

Rock to the Top is commissioned under IN CONTEXT 4 - IN OUR TIME, South Dublin County Council’s Public Art Programme for 2016-2019 under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

For more information please click here. 

(Posted on 08.09.18)

Tibradden car-park closed for works on September 5th

Tibradden (Pine Forest) car-park will be closed for upgrade works on Wednesday September 5th. Alternative car-parking is available in Cruagh car-park which is 600m away.

Posted on 04.09.18

September Walks and Hikes

The full programme of DMP Volunteer Ranger led free guided walks and hikes for September are available to view on the Upcoming Events page.

Posted on 04.09.18



Summer of Heritage 2018

There was great interest and uptake in the Summer of Heritage - Dublin Mountains Walk, thanks to the DMP Volunteer Rangers who led the walks of Barnaslingan and Carrockgollogan which high-lighted their heritage and beauty. Thanks also to DLRCoCo Summer of Heritage.

For those who missed out on the walk keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page as this walk will be run again in early October.

Posted on 04.09.18

Mountain Meitheal's Next Workday at Fairy Castle is August 25th

Mountain Meitheal's next workday in Ticknock/Three Rock is this Saturday August 25th. Walking trail upgrade work will continue on the Fairy Castle Loop. Newcomers over the age of 18 are welcome, for more details check the Mountain Meithal Dublin Wicklow's Facebook page

Posted on 24.08.18

Ticknock MTB Update

Great progress being made on the Ticknock MTB improvement works, thanks to Euro Services and There is a little bit more to do so please abide by warning signage until the job is complete and the new link sections are fully in place. (photo: Niall Davis

Posted on 21.08.18

Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire

Reminder of road closures in Dublin and Wicklow tomorrow to facilitate the Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire event.
Best of luck to all the competitors!

Posted on 18.08.18

National Heritage Week August 18 to 26

There are diverse range of events taking place to suit all tastes to celebrate National Heritage Week 2018 running from August 18th to 26th.  Linking with DLRCoCo Summer of Heritage DMP Volunteer Rangers are leading guided walks in Barnaslingan and Carrickgollogan forests at 12:00 on Sunday 19th and 11:00 on Sunday 26th, pre-booking required.

Posted on 16.08.18

Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire

Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire is taking place on Sunday 19th of August.  To facilitate the event there will be a number of road closures, see DLRCoCo and Ironman websites for route maps.  There will be no access to Cruagh and Tibradden forest car-parks between 08:30 and 13:15 on Sunday 19th.  Best of luck to all the Ironman competitors!

Posted on 13.08.18

Sheep Worrying Feature on RTE's Ear to the Ground

Last night's edition of RTE’s 'Ear to the Ground' featured a piece on sheep worrying that is recommended viewing for dog walkers visiting the Dublin Mountains.

DMP request that all dog walkers visiting the DMP area put their dogs on leads where there is signage requesting that dogs be on lead, along boundaries with farmland, on the open hill, and at all times if their dog/s do not respond to a call to heel.

Posted on 10.08.18

New Events Added

Details of the Dog Friendly Hike on Saturday August 18th and the DMW Hike on Sunday September 9th have been added to the Events page.

Posted 07.08.18

Hike the 42.6km Dublin Mountains Way on September 9th

Hike the 42 km Dublin Mountains Way with the DMP Volunteer Rangers on Sunday September 9th.

The Dublin Mountains Way is a flagship of the Dublin Mountains Partnership, the 42.6km way-marked route links Tallaght to Shankill travelling through the heart of the Dublin Mountains.  On September 9th the DMP Volunteer Rangers will lead a public transport friendly hike along the full DMW route, this is a strenuous hike that will take at least 10 hours to complete.  In preparation for the hike of the DMW on September 9th the DMP Volunteer Rangers will lead three public transport friendly training hikes on August 6th, 12th and 25th.   To sign up for the DMW hike on September 9th you will be required to undertake at least one of the August training hikes with the DMP Volunteer Rangers.  The training hikes and the DMW hike on September 9th are ideal training for anyone preparing for a trip to hike the Camino.  Why not join the DMP Volunteer Rangers on September 9th and have them share with you their love of the Dublin Mountains.

Posted 04.08.18


New event added to the July Programme

New event added to the July Programme:

Saturday 28h July, Family Friendly Walk in Rathmichael Wood 

click here for details.

Posted 23.07.18

Sheep Worrying Incident Reported in Kilmashogue

This week DMP and Coillte received the 5th report this year of sheep worrying in the Ticknock, Kilmashogue, Tibradden area.  Sheep worrying by dogs is an animal welfare issue and has the potential to negatively impact on farmers livelihoods.  Dog walkers are reminded that their dogs must be under effectual control at all times as set out in the Control of Dogs Act.  DMP and Coillte request that all dog walkers visiting the DMP area put their dogs on leads along boundaries with farmlands, on the open hill and at all times if their dog/s do not respond to a call to heel.  DMP and Coillte ask that dog walkers lead by example in this matter.

For information this is a link the IFA Protocol for Farmers on Sheep Kills by Dogs.

Posted on 20.07.18

Astronomy Talk - Thank You - What a Night

A massive thank you to Fergal Mullally for taking time out from his holiday to give a really excellent talk on the Keplar project and Goldilocks planets. The presentation was projected onto the side of the DMP Volunteer Ranger Hut in Ticknock to a group who had hiked from Tibradden at 22:00 on Friday 13th, they were led by DMP Volunteer Rangers Paul (Fergal's Dad) and Tom along with Imelda from the Hell Fire Rangers. Thanks to Justin Garvey for permission to use his photo.

Posted on 20.07.18

Notice of Ballybetagh Road Closures

Risk of Forest Fires is high

The fire risk index is still in high to prevent forest fires Coillte advise:

1. DO NOT light fires or BBQs

2. REPORT any suspicious activity you see

3. REPORT any forest fires you see to the fire brigade

4. DO NOT approach forest fires under any circumstance

5. KEEP access points & forest entrances clear for emergency services

Posted on 19.07.18

July Programme of Events

The full schedule of July DMP events has been published in the Upcoming Events section.

Posted on 04.07.18

Forest Fire Risk Update

Coillte Notice:

The RED warning for forest fires has been extended until this Friday (6th July). Please be very careful around all forests this week and do not light any fires or BBQs.
Coillte recommend the following steps to prevent forest fires at this time;
DO NOT light fires and be careful of all activity involving fires
REPORT any suspicious activity you may observe...
REPORT any forest fires you see to local fire brigade
DO NOT approach forest fires under any circumstance, they are extremely dangerous
KEEP access points and forest entrances clear for emergency services.

Posted on 03.07.18

Hell Fire Rangers Complete the DMW

Hell Fire Rangers is a voluntary group based in Tallaght who bring children hiking in the Dublin Mountains, supported by their parents. This year over the course of four hikes the children completed the 42.6 km Dublin Mountains Way (DMW).  On June 10th the young hikers walked from Tibradden to The GAP (11km), along the way Gary Tyrell a DMP Volunteer Ranger spoke to the group about climate change.  On June 24th the children completed their last section of the DMW, The GAP to Shankill (12km), they were joined on this hike by DMP Volunteer Rangers Tricia McGrath and Gary Tyrell.  At the end of the hike, having completed the full DMW, the children were presented with DMW badges. Well done to the Hell Fire Rangers!!

Posted on 02.07.18

Hell Fire Archaeological Dig 2016 publication

Photo from Abarta website, 02.07.18

Abarta Heritage have just made available a free digital publication, ’Sacred Skies and Earthly Sinners – The Hellfire Club Archaeological Project’, detailing the results of the HellFire Club dig in 2016.

Posted on 02.07.18

DMP at Tallafest

DMP had a stand at Tallafest today between An Taisce 'Climate Change Ambassador Stand' and 'Stop Food Waste/Master Composters'. It was great to be there, thanks so much to Tallafest's Kattia for the invite.

Posted on 30.06.18

Sheep Worrying Ticknock/Kilmashogue

Last Friday Coillte received reports of sheep worrying in the Ticknock/Kilmashogue area. Visitors bringing their dogs onto Coillte land are reminded that along boundaries with farmland and on the trails that cross the open hill Coillte and DMP ask that dogs be put on a lead ensuring that dog walkers have effectual control of their dogs at all times. Thank you for your co-operation.

Posted on 28.06.18

Forest Fire Risk Update

The beautiful sunny and dry weather has resulted in a Red Fire Warning in forest areas. Coillte requests that all outdoor use of fires, barbecues and other open ignition sources should be avoided on forest lands and in other high-risk areas until further notice.

 A fire continues to burn in Carrickgollogan & Barnaslingan, Coillte requests that the public avoid these forests until further notice to allow Coillte and Dublin Fire Brigade fire crews to quench the fire.

If you see a fire please ring 999/112.

(photo from Dublin Fire Brigade Facebook Post 26.06.18 at 14:02)

Posted on 27.06.18


Ticknock MTB Upgrade Works

Works will commence on 15.05.18 to upgrade and repair sections of the mountain bike track in Tiknock. Mountain Bikers please abide by safety signage.

Posted on 14.05.18

Dublin Mountains Way Updated Map

A new re-route of the Dublin Mountain Way between Glencullen and Barnaslingan is now in place. 

Posted on 26th April 2018


There is a busy time ahead in Ticknock this weekend with a number of events taking place: on Saturday there is a Mountain Meithal trail repair workday on the route to Fairy Castle from the masts between 10:00 and 16:00, the Walk the Line fundraising event for Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue starts from the GAP at 16:30, the 22km route heads through Ballyedmonduff, Ticknock, Kilmashogue, Tibradden, Fairy Castle and returns to The GAP. On Sunday there is a Coillte sponsored Biking Blitz. A warm welcome to all who will be visiting Ticknock this weekend.

Posted on 23.03.18

Car-parks remain closed due to snow

Coillte advise the public that many of our recreation sites and car parks remain closed, because they are not accessible due to lying snow. In upland areas, these closures are likely to remain in place for some time. Please be considerate of our neighbours who require access to homes and farms and do not block their entrances or access roads.

Posted on 07.03.18

Mountain Meitheal start work on Fairy Castle Walking Trail

On Sunday February 25th Mountain Meithal are starting trail upgrade works on the section of the Dublin Mountains Way/Fairy Castle Loop/Wicklow Way between Tiknock - Fairy Castle - Tibradden. The trails will remain open, please abide by safety signage. The upgrade works will take place every second weekend for a number of months. If you are interested in lending a hand check out

Posted on 24.02.18

DMW closed at Bohernabreena on February 17th

The western end of the DMW will be closed on 17.02.18 at Glenasmole/Bohernabreena between 07:00 and 14:30 to facilitate an event.

Posted on 16.02.18:


Dogs in recreation sites

Dogs are welcome on the Coillte estate, Coillte’s policy is that dogs must be under effectual control at all times.  Spring has sprung and sheep are about to have lambs in the uplands.  In addition some birds make their nests on the ground and the young chicks are very vulnerable to disturbance by dogs. To protect livestock and wildlife we are asking that dog owners and dog walkers would put their dogs on leads in certain sensitive areas.  You will see that signs have been erected at access points from Tiknock, Tibradden and Cruagh onto the open hill to ask dog owners and dog walkers to please put their dogs on leads on these walking routes.  We ask that all dog owners and dog walkers obey these signs to protect farmers livelihoods and biodiversity.

Posted on 15.02.18


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